About Us

Ernie and Linda have been happy owners of the Starr since 1997.  Our first season was 1998.  What a learning experience!  And, we are still learning.  One of the newest lessons is now how to manage our new website. 
We are now entering our 19th season, hard to believe!  Together, we will update this page with, hopefully, fun facts of the resort.OK, it has been a while since playing with the website.  We are still here!  It is January 2016.  Winter has been kind to us … so far.
Ernie has Royal Starr Resort on facebook… he does a lot of updating there, take a look.

This past year we became grandparents…. twice!!  Our son and wife had ‘Edison’ in June and our daughter and hubby had  ‘Greysen’ in September!  Talk about life style changes!  We have had the chance to visit them both at the resort and their homes.  We have learned to ‘hangout’ or ‘face time’ with them, what a hoot!!We should let you know that we have removed all the televisions from the cabins… there was no or poor reception.  We have boosted the wifi signal.. so streaming is possible.  We do rent flat screen TV’s with good antenna.  See the rates section…

Lupine Flowers at Royal Starrr Resort