Family Vacations & Royal Starr Resort Update

Wow, 2014 has gone fast! We have been most busy welcoming past happy guests with hugs and smiles, and greeting new excited guests with info, pictures, weekly activity list, an Who’s Who List… It is amazing to see everyone rush in, get unpacked, launch boats and off they go in their swimsuits to the Beach! The first day is the glory of the anticipation! By Wednesday, folks sleep in a bit longer, relaxation has begun. Then comes Saturday … with hugs, smiles and yes, some tears, guests say good bye to their new friends, or their families that have traveled far to gather. Then, there are about 6 hours, from 9ish to 3 when resort is at peace. With good planning and super help, the cabins are cleaned and fluffed once again…. sometimes quite a task! The grounds are cleaned, beach buffed, grills shined, decks swept…. and all of a sudden, you can hear the next anticipation coming down our drive! Having similar childhood memories, we totally get recharged with your excitement!

This fall we will be closing the entire resort on September 31st. Winter business has declined (is should only snow in the Park Rapids area!). Of course, we will open again in May 2015!! We will continue correspondence with everyone. Look forward to new propaganda in January, confirmations, rates, newsletters. Email can happen any time… both ways!